About Quadrangle

Quadrangle Solution is helping its customers in building and managing their business using different ERP applications. We customize software applications from small to medium business enterprises and strive to become the premier boutique IT consulting and technology services firm.

What we can do?

Committed to Quality Solutions.

Do you have a small/medium/large business but, most of the work is being done manually?
We can consult and recommend innovative solutions that will make your business operations easier and safer.

Do you have an expansion plan for your business that passionate about but lack a technology partner to design and develop it?
We can design professional solutions that will bring your ideas to life.

If you have an IT requirement, we have a better solution.

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How we do it?

The path of flawless implementation of a Solution.

Requirement Gathering
In this phase we evaluate your current application (if you have any) / understand your business IT requirement and expectations for the project.

Design at a high level, the work flows and user stories to fine tune what we have heard in phase1

Design User Interface and bring in the usability experts to match the user flows to real world examples and best practices.

Develop the solution iteratively with the client to deliver the User Interface. This approach is very engaging to you the client and results in valuable feedback that can be incorporated in the early stages thus preventing expensive re-work in later phases.

Run tests before releasing the product/application to the client for testing. Once the final testing is done create help files /screen shots/wikis to ease the users into using the product.

Deployment and Maintenance
After the successful processes of the testing by our experts, we deploy the solution to our customers for use.